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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Clarity - 4 Steps to Gaining Clarity to Achieve your Goal

To achieve anything in life you need to be clear on what you want and become clear on how to get there. But sometimes the path to getting there may be blurred and many give up because they can't see how they can achieve their goal.

The following four steps will give you a head start to gaining clarity.

1) Be specific

Get specific and have a clear descriptive picture of what you desire to accomplish. You may want to put your ideas on paper for better clarity as you work through this process.

2) Use the law of thinking

Activate the law of thinking. Thoughts attract more thoughts along the same lines and they build on each other. When you activate the law of thinking more ideas and wisdom come to you to resolve your personal issues.

3) Ask for clarity

This is a simple but profound step to seeing through to your solution. As you ask the Spirit within for clarity, to see clearly, you'll find that you begin to see things that you've never seen before. New ways of doing things begin to emerge and you may wonder, "Why hadn't I thought of that before?"

4) Persistence

Persistence is the key to achieving any goal. As you determine in your mind that you will get the answer to resolve your situation, doors begin to open. You've demanded of life in your persistent attitude that you will press through regardless of the outer circumstances, and therefore life will hand over to you the circumstances necessary to help manifest your desire.

What methods do you use to gain clarity to achieve your goal? Share your comments below.

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