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Monday, July 5, 2010

Living in the Power of Now - Part 1

What will you do with Now? Will you continue to live in the past, as good or bad as it was? 'Was' being the operative word here - it's gone. Or will you constantly live in the future - that which is not here yet?

Your past and your future only exist in your mind. All you have is here and now. Will you give your power to the past, releasing all your energies into something that no longer exists? Will you dwell in fear of the future that has not yet come?

Everything that is created has been created in the here and Now. When we allow our attention to be constantly preoccupied with the past and the future, we lose the energy for creative power in the Now.

What happens when we are preoccupied in the present with the past?

The Now becomes the past and presents itself with another missed opportunity to enjoy the peace and power that exists only in the Now.

What happens when we are preoccupied in the present with the future?

Preoccupation with the future robs us of consciously seeing and appreciating what the present, the moment of Now has for us. We miss when the Spirit brings answers to us because we're unable to immediately recognize it when it appears. We miss the still small voice of wisdom and the joys that the present holds because we're constantly looking for joy, peace and a better life somewhere sometime in the future.

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