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Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting my body Back Friday - It's an Inside Job to Get Your Body Back

Losing weight and getting into shape is an inside job even though physical action is taken which is evidence of what a person is thinking.

The thought is, "If I exercise each day and change my eating habits then I'll lose weight and I'll feel good about my body again." This is good on one hand but bad on the other. Because unless the individual has addressed the cause of the weight issue in the first place sooner or later he or she will return to the old habits and then back to square one.

Like any other change in a person's life, it starts within - the thought process - what's going on inside. The dislike for exercise, the dislike of oneself, harbouring anger, resentment and even stress can affect a person's health as well as their weight.

So what are we to do to change the results?

1) Release Negative Energy

Negative emotions stored within the body cells express themselves in the form of illness and sometimes as excess weight. Identifying and releasing the negative energy from your thought life will begin the reversal process of negative emotional habits, whether these negative attacks are directed toward yourself or another. Your body still feels the effects and the evidence shows up as external results - either through illnesses or excess weight.

2) Become Saturated with Positive Energy

Create new affirmations that will become your new self-talk, e.g. I'm beautiful, I'm healthy. Your brain will pick up the new vibration and distribute the signal to your body cells which will begin to filter out the negative damaging energy and renew your cells with new life force.

3) Exercise and Nutrition

Eat a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetable and exercise regularly adding weight training to your routine to build your metabolism to effectively burn excess fat. Your body will begin to feel energized as you empower it from within through your positive self-talk combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

4) Use the Formula for Success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

The more you practice your positive self-talk the more embedded the new words would become within your subconscious and soon create the imprint over time to become your autopilot internal programming.

When eating a balanced diet and including exercise in your routine it becomes a habitual way of life which will begin to become evidence externally over time.

You can do this as you put these steps into practice and create the change you desire from the inside out.


  1. Good post, Alicia, as always. I actually felt "changed" when I looked in the mirror this morning, after getting dressed. I feel good and energized! Hope your day is good, too. Susan

  2. That's it right there Susan. Keep pressing forward.


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