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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Timing is Everything

A couple months ago we found a generous farmer who gave us some manure for our garden. The manure actually helped some of our vegetables to grow bigger and healthier but it wasn't enough to cover the entire garden. Our farmer friend invited us to come back anytime we needed more manure.

We decided that we'd return to the farm a couple weeks later but as time moved on we became occupied with other things and felt it wasn't time just yet. A couple days ago we met our friend at the local grocery store and reminded him that we needed to get more of the good stuff for the garden.

Yesterday, we decided to visit the farm where we filled our buckets with the manure. The farmer and his wife had their granddaughter over for a visit and our children were invited out to play - company for her and our children found a new playmate.

That's not all. We've been looking around for huckleberries, which we were told are supposed to be very tasty. While we were talking about berries, our farmer friends gave us some of what they had stored in their freezer. We got a positive identity of the fruit so when we go berry picking we'd know what to look for.

They introduced us to other berries on the farm - gooseberries, red currents, black currents and black berries - to add to our list of berries we became familiar with this year and only yesterday we had written the list.

Roxella, our youngest child usually cries when she comes in contact with other adults. But for the first time she smiled with our farmer friend, stretched out her hand and shook his hand and even allowed him to walk with her and pick her up. He was absolutely delighted.

A visit that would take 10 minutes ended with goodbyes 3 hours later with future play dates in the making.

When we wait for the Spirit's timing, everything works out perfectly not only for us but for all involved. Many times we miss blessed moments or moments of power when we rush ahead and do not wait for the right time. Meeting the farmer at the grocery store was our cue that it was time for the visit.

Timing in everything in our lives and can make the difference between a good or a great time or just enough or more than enough or ordinary or extraordinary. Which do you choose?

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