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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turning empty news boxes into flower beds - Part 1

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 47

I picked up a really cool article recently from a follower on Twitter regarding a street artist named Posterchild. He's turned unused newspaper boxes in Toronto into planters for flowers. Click here to read the article.

It took someone with quite an imagination to see these empty boxes as potential for adding beauty to the Toronto community.

What about your imagination for turning those abandoned areas in your life into 'beautiful flower beds'? Perhaps there were vibrant aspects of your life; talents that you used to help others but now remain dormant. Consider using some imaginative power to put those talents to use once again and beautify your life and community. Get your creative juices flowing! It only takes the initiative, the will and one idea to get the ball of beauty rolling.

If you're daring enough, like Posterchild, you can also use some unconventional methods to create a new trend. Posterchild's trend may catch on in other parts of Canada and U.S. Who knows, this may be a start of something new.

What about your life? Start a new trend and improve and beautify your life.

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