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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mind, Body, Soul - Part 5

Getting my body back - Day 57

How do the soul, mind and body become one with the Spirit?

1) First of all, you set your intentions on being one. Decide that you are one with the Spirit. Know that you are one. Make a mental decision that you are one with the Spirit.

2) Become in tuned to the inner voice. In order to become acquainted with and recognize the inner wisdom, you must spend time listening. Listen in the silence, in quiet meditation, letting your mind become quiet as you turn your ear inwardly.

3) Train yourself to listen. Listen as you go about your daily business.

4) Invite and allow the Spirit to be involved in your daily life. Speak with the Spirit and allow the Spirit to speak back to you in whatever way the Spirit chooses; whether in the still small voice, an idea or through others. The Spirit is not confined to prayer time in your bedroom or on Sunday at church. The Spirit is available at all times, anytime, anywhere.

When I worked as an insurance claims assistant/adjuster, time constraints and organization was essential for keeping up with the changing demands of my job. Sometimes my co-worker would walk into my office and ask, "Talking to yourself?" and I would answer, "Yes," and I'd also add, "I'm talking to my files."

As you can imagine, she'd look at me really strange. That's okay; I could be 'weird' that way. But I'd rather be 'weird' that way and get the answers that I'm looking for, because while I'm supposedly 'talking to my files', I'm listening inwardly to the direction I'm receiving to effectively carry out my job.

I did my job from the inside out. I dealt with clients from the inside out. I felt their need and worked with them to help them get what they needed. So if being a little bit 'weird' caused me to be compassionate toward others, then, count me in.

If I got frustrated during the day, I'd stop, get up, perhaps go to the bathroom and come back with a fresh perspective on things. That's being one with the Spirit. That's working with the Spirit. Always asking how do I do this, help me with that, raise me above this feeling.

It doesn't matter the issue; small, medium, large or super-sized. It's a part of my daily life with my children and my husband. It's what makes me who I am, in my uniqueness, and it is what makes you, you in your uniqueness as you yield and become one. You don't lose who you are. You enhance and free you to truly be and experience you.

Fuelling words: I receive wisdom from the Spirit, through my soul, felt in my inner feelings, inspired in my mind, expressed in my body and displayed in my outer world.

Enjoy the nice weather. Go outside for a walk. Workout outdoors. Workout on an exercise ball.

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