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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free to be me

It is time that you take the time out in the silence to discover who you are. Do you really know?

No, not the you who your friends think you are. Not the you your co-workers or business associates say you are or the one your minister say you should be or even what society says you are, but the person you truly are inside; your likes, your dislikes - the things that really matter most to you.

Who is _______? Fill your name in the blanks. What is it you feel deep in your soul, the longings of your soul? Now, this is where you need to do some soul searching, as they would say. Look deep within yourself.


As you open the book, the pages of you, who's hidden within the words you read? Are you clouded out by your fears, your limitations? If you were to remove those fears; the ones that says you can't do this or you can't afford that, what would you find? Or who would you find?

Free yourself from those limitations. Get into your powerful God-given imagination and remove all the 'buts'. See yourself rise up out of the restrictions and limitations. Identify and remove the 'weights' off of your dreams. Take a deep breath and experience 'Freeeedom'. Set your spirit free to embrace abounding love, joy and peace which is the foundation or the nourished soil for all of your precious garden (your desires) to emerge.

Connect to the Source

Today, as you connect to the Source of Life, experience new life, new growth, new hope for your coming out. Not accepting what others say you should settle for, but embracing the reality of your true destiny, and as a result, moving in the direction of your true purpose.

Be free today. Live, breathe the breath of God afresh in your soul. Freedom comes from within and expresses itself outwardly. Live the life you were meant to be and not what you've settled for.

Momspiration: I embrace Love and Life and emerge with new energy. I am free to be me. Free to live the life I was meant to live; without limits, without boundaries. I embrace Freedom now!

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