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Friday, May 1, 2009

Be You. You are unique

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 29

If all the plants were pepper, how would you get tomatoes? And if they were all squash, you'd never know the taste of cucumbers. Similarly, if we were all one and the same, how would we enjoy the variations in music, diversity of instruments, languages, and each unique smile and gift we have to share.

Every plant in your garden has its unique purpose in providing nutrients to your body. Even in the tomato family there are variations, as well; ranging from large sized beefsteak to cherry tomatoes.

How many times have you heard one song sung by so many different talented singers and each brings a breath of fresh air? You are unique and you have unique ideas that are interwoven within your special intricate make up. Be free and be you.

You'd never see tomatoes trying to be cucumbers. That's silly isn't it? Why would you want to be someone else? Spend time getting to know you. Love your uniqueness. Spend your energy growing your gifts and brighten up the garden of life.

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