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Friday, May 15, 2009

Visualization to getting your body back - Part 4

Getting my body back - Day 51

Working out the butt and full body work out.

Visualization comes into play when you're working on reshaping your butt and your entire body. It is important to place emphasis on the feeling factor. I've used getting your body back into shape as an example; however, this is the basis for any aspect of your life that you're working to change. It takes the same principles; beginning from the inside, from the root of where all change begins, and working outward - the physical expression of the change that took place within.

Feeling your feelings is the driving force behind your visualization to acquire what you desire. Note here, I didn't say what you want but what it is you desire. Wanting leaves you in the state of wishing to have something but not truly believing that you can really attain it. Whereas desire communicates the deeper inner longing of the soul and the clarity of knowing exactly what it is you wish to have.

With desire, because you are so clear on the desired outcome, you are focusing on this final result and are engaged in experiencing the feelings of having that desire, in the now. Specific desire states the amount of money you wish to have, the ideal weight you see yourself at, the kind of car you want to drive, the type of personality you like in a life partner...

As stated in a previous post, our brain does not differentiate between real and imagined, therefore, it is in this feeling of your feelings that you engage the powers of the unseen realm to work on your behalf, in addition to directing your body to respond to the brain's instructions.

Fuelling words: I engage in the feeling of my feelings in order that I may experience, in the now, the achievement of my desired result until it becomes a part of my manifested reality.

Routine: Warm-ups, stretches, aerobics, toning and strength exercises, cool down.

Visualization - keeping focus on my goal; healthy, strong and my ideal body weight and shape.

Deep breathing - relaxes the muscles and sends oxygen to the muscles where exercising alone would not reach.

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