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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manage your thought life

Your thought life plays a significant role in the manifestation of the success of your daily living.

Are you allowing all thoughts to have free range of your mind? The proverb says, "As a man thinketh, so is he." Your thought life determines your outcome. Thoughts harboured continuously in your mind that have become your predominant way of thinking manifests in your reality.

You can learn to manage your mind by managing your thoughts.

How do you manage your thought life?

Shift your thoughts. Whatever is pure, whatever is beautiful, whatever is lovely, think on those things. When I find myself in a situation that may cause me to move out of a place of love and peace, whether it's something one of the children did or something negative someone said, I shift my thinking.

Instead on dwelling on it and letting the negative feeling take root, I immediately look for the positive side of things. If you're looking for the positive, for the good in all situations, you'll find that you're able to deal with whatever you're up against in a more positive manner bringing positive energy into the atmosphere. What could have turned out to be explosive can be turned into a beautiful experience.

I recall an incident that occurred when my son, now 3, was much younger was having a crying session. He wasn't calming down and he was getting louder. I felt myself getting frustrated, then a thought came to me, instead of flowing into the energy he was now projecting, shift the energy and steer him into a calmer atmosphere. Instead of me getting louder than his crying in order to get his attention, I took on a much softer tone, releasing my energy of love to him. He began to calm down and I was able to soothe him.

When you shift your focus from whatever your external situation is, begin to look within and think about what you'd like the situation to become. As you do this, you become receptive to new ideas, therefore, encouraging this change to begin to manifest itself in your reality.

Momspiration: I protect my thought life and shift my thinking to all that is good so that good will always have an open channel to flow in and through me.

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  1. What a great reminder to capture our thoughts. You are exactly right -- we are what we think. I needed that reminder today!

    Bless you!


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