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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Listening in the silence

As you enter the silence, leave behind you the busyness of the day, the troubles and concerns, release it all and just listen.

Life concerns can sometimes overtake us to the point that we enter this place of silence loaded down and dragging our baggage of bills, daily activities, and on-the-job problems. Instead of sitting in the silence listening, the suitcase is opened up, we take out the bills, "See here, I have all of this to pay. I don't know how I'm going to do this." Then we move onto something else, "Tomorrow is the birthday party. I have to invite, Suzy, Beth, Alice." Then we move on to another issue, "When I get to work, I'm not going to talk to Sally Sue, cause she's been so moody lately."

Before you know it, time is gone and you've not listened, you've not communicated with the Divine. Sounds familiar? You fill in the blanks for your life.

When you enter the silent place, drop the baggage outside the door, close the door and just sit and listen. Look within and open your heart and mind to hear.

As you practice this daily, you find that you receive the answers you're seeking, your day falls into place, you become a keen listener to the still small voice. You become more at peace. You tap into and connect with Love that infiltrates your soul, your being and fills you up with joy and peace. You become satisfied in your soul as the stream of life flows in and through you.

Enter the place of silence with the heart of gratitude, being thankful for what you have and for all the good you have now and all that is coming to you.

Momspiration: I sit and wait in silence that the wind of God fan the flames of love in my soul until I am saturated.

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