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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Experience the essence of life - Part 3

Getting my body back - Day 62

Enter into the realm of peace. Choose the essence of peace as it is also the essence of life. Let the peace of your soul calm your mind to experience peace. Feel this peace as it moves through every cell of your body, relaxing all tension and relieving all stress.

See peace as it moves through your veins feeding every blood vessel and nourishing your body cells.

Experience peace as it rests on every thought, enters every adverse condition that you're facing, dissipates confusion, calm every storm.

See the power of peace in its quiet strength shift and move every obstacle, resolve every issue and concern, heal every hurt or injury, mend all brokenness.

See peace as it rests with every decision, small and large and brings clarity in times of obscurity. Let peace like a river flow through your being, refreshing and rejuvenating every part of you.

Deal with everyone and every situation out of the place of peace and experience true essence of life.

Fuelling words: I envision peace in my body as I breathe deeply.

As I go about my daily activities, I am consciously emphasizing each bending movement, tightening leg muscles as I go up each step and incorporate stretching in between my activities.

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