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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Be the change you desire to be

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 35

An apple fruit comes from an apple tree which grows out of an apple seed. The fruit is contained in the nature of the tree. We know that an apple tree cannot suddenly bear plums because the nature of it, in its entirety, is that of a plum tree. The fruit is a direct result of what type of tree it is from seed to tree. The fruit borne is in the nature of the tree.

In order for you to change you must be the change that you desire to be. As an apple tree is an apple tree from seed to plant to fruit, so you must begin from the clear focused decision on what you desire to accomplish in your life and set your intention on the type of person you desire to be.

This is the first seed of thought, followed by focused attention on being what you desire. You see yourself in your mind's eye, your imagination, your visualization (they're all the same thing) and experience the feeling, deep in your inner being, or as some would say, your gut feeling. Go to that place over and over daily.

Let go and let God. Everything will fall into place. Once you've completed your session of visualization, you consciously release your desire into God's hands; some call it releasing it into the universe. Universe or God, they're one and the same. God is everywhere and the universe is in God.

Allow yourself to experience the feeling of achieving what you desire until it begins to materialize. It is important to note, that as you're inspired to act, the inner feeling or knowing that you should do something, follow that feeling and act. Sometimes, no inspiration comes because the answer may come directly to you.

Gratitude: Remember to give thanks for what you desire to have. This thankfulness is your expression of being grateful for what you have already received. If someone gives you something, you say, "Thank you." Saying thank you is acting as if you've already received what you've asked for.

You don't have to physically have that thing in your hand for you to express thankfulness. Saying thank you is saying to God, "I know you have heard me, I receive what I have asked for and the answer is now here." You keep being thankful until your desire has manifested itself into your outer reality.

This daily practice becomes embedded in your conscious, as well as your subconscious, thereby transforming and renewing your mind.

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