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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Expansion of love

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 41

Mother Nature's love nurtures plants and trees endlessly, and because of this love plants and trees can do what they were planted to do. Because of this sustaining love, vegetable plants and fruits expand this love to feeding us, as well as, the animals.

In the same manner, God's love sustains us and if we connect with this love we experience growth to the point of bearing fruit. This fruit we share with others becoming a source of nourishment and sustenance for them. This love does not just belong to our loved ones but expands to encircle any and everyone with whom we come in contact, recognizing that we are all one in God, treating others with love and respect. Love extending even to those who don't think highly or kindly toward us.

Our normal tendency to others who ill-treat us is to respond unkindly, as well. But true love understands that as you do to the other you've also done so to yourself.

Decide now to let true love abound in you to the expansion to and the inclusion of others unrelated to you.

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