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Monday, May 25, 2009

Defining who you are

Tending the garden of your heart - Day 42

You are the gardener in the garden of your life. It is you who are steering your ship in the direction you desire for it to go. The deciding factor is not your external circumstances for your external circumstances are results of your decision, whether consciously or unconsciously.

We've been taught to respond to our lives according to what the external issues present to us. But in order to master your life, you need to adopt a new mindset.

1) Declaration - I am the master of my life.
2) I create and recreate my life because it is in my power to do so with the guidance of the Spirit.
3) I choose to live my life in the grandest way that represents who I choose to be.
4) I feel the feelings of my inner being.
5) I am honest about my true feelings regarding who I am.
6) I decide to design my life in the truth that represents me.
7) I allow my thoughts to focus only on those things that come in alignment with the person I declare that I am.

Use these tips as guidelines to create and recreate your life, define who you are and truly design the garden of your life.

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