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Monday, May 25, 2009

The role of your body

Getting my body back - Day 59

Your body plays a vital part of your life but it is not the one that gives the instructions and the deciding factor of who you are.

Your body's role is the physical expression of who you have decided to create yourself to be. It is the outward display of your inner declaration of your godly design.

Your body responds to and expresses the message you have sent it whether consciously or unconsciously. You are the commander of this ship and the cells in your body responds to the direct message you've sent it.

Whatever you've decided that you desire to project in your life, whether consciously or by default, your body will do as you instructed it.

Use your body as the tool to express your divine inner creativity. Use your body as a light to others. Use your body as a symbol to elevate others to fulfill their highest potential. Protect your body as it is the medium to showcase the inner light that dwells in you that others may follow.

Fuelling words: My body carries the rich treasure of divinity within my being, therefore, I care for my body, that the full light of the presence of God will be experienced and shared with others.

Working out in the garden can give you the extra exercise required to reach muscles regular exercises may not reach.

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