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Monday, May 4, 2009

Enter the silence of the dawn!

Feeling pulled in every direction; children, schedules, husband, work, school, business, church, other groups? You may ask, "How do I find time for me?" or "How do I find me in all of this?" Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling stretched? Doing the juggling act? You've come to the right place. Find rest.

As a mother, it is true, you carry many hats. But here and now is your time; time to enter into the silence of the dawn, time to fill or refill your inner tank.

Quiet time

Quiet time for mom is essential in order to maintain mental and emotional stability. You've been giving of yourself to your children, your husband, your career, your job, your school, your church and everything else you're involved in. It's in your nature to nurture others, but who nurtures you? When do you stop to take time out for you?

As a mother of 7, things could get pretty noisy around here at times. It is my entering into the silence of the dawn daily that allows me to smile, keep a level head and not fall apart 'at the seams'. This is my protected moment and I cherish it.

Benefits of daily quiet time

Your quiet time scheduled at dawn, the early part of your day, sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here are 7 reasons why this is so vital:

1) Develop clear thinking - as you sit in the silence, releasing of the days problems or activities, you allow your mind to become clear to accept a new perspective on your situation.

2) Inspiration comes - as you are relaxed, inspiration comes, insight comes, and wisdom comes. If you are dealing with an issue with the children, you are now opened to receiving wisdom in dealing with this situation that you never thought possible.

3) Instructions - steps to take in ordering your day comes to you naturally. At this point you're not pulling your hair out but you're able to flow with ease.

4) Refreshed, energized - once you rise from this place of silence you become energized with new vigour to engage in your day's activities.

5) Discover you - here is where you find yourself. Away from all the hustle and bustle, you can go deeper into the heart of you. Become acquainted with you. Not you, the mom or you, the wife, or you the group leader, but you. Your true inner desires, dreams, longings, successes and perhaps even failures. Failures or disappointments are also important because they hold within them key lessons of life that you, in turn, teach to your children.

6) Connect to the Source of your life - your soul, that secret place reserved within you where Divine Intelligence dwells, awaiting your presence and your attention. For there lies the heart of God, the power and sustenance you need to abound in all areas of your life. Your absence denies you the connector you need to activate and fully experience the treasure which lies richly within your inner being.

7) Who nurtures you? If you're relying on external comforts to give you the satisfaction you need, forget it! It's only temporary. But in this quiet place, as you connect to God, as you turn inward and become one with the Creative presence that lies within you, you draw life from the eternal life that dwells in you. Your light becomes illuminated from within, changing and transforming you from the inside, emanating outwardly.

If you've never taken the time for quiet time or the busyness of life has overtaken your time, it's time to return. Reshuffle your schedule and make time to enter the silence of the dawn.

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  1. Oh friend, God is using you to remind me to use the first fruits of my day for HIM. I just don't have any other quiet time -- other than when everyone is asleep.

    Thank you!



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