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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The pruning process of love

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 38

Love nurtures with tenderness and gentleness; however, love also expresses itself in firmness and strength.

Dried leaves fall off of trees and plants when they no longer serve their purpose on them. A gardener prunes a tree, removing dead branches and leaves, in order for it to bear more fruit.

For you to fulfill your life purpose, the pruning process of love is essential. Holding on to things that are hindering you from or that are not taking you in the direction of fulfilling your ultimate purpose, robs you of the joy of life and the joy of purpose.

You are free to make choices in your life and therefore those choices you make should reflect who you choose to be, allowing other things in your life that do not serve your ultimate purpose to fall off or be removed.

Keep this in mind, that which you have pruned, even though it is not currently active in your life, may be used for future reference in carrying out your purpose.

Sometimes the decision to removing the non-beneficial aspect of your life may seem difficult, but being aware that this is part of your growth process makes the transition worthwhile.

Yield to the pruning process today, and as nature shows us, experience the fullness of your fruitfulness, thereafter.


  1. So true, though when we prune a plant - it bleeds. Pruning never feels good, but is necessary.

    Bless you today!

  2. Yes, it does bleed and during the healing process is where we glean out greatest inspirations and life lessons.Even though at the time it may not feel very inspirational.

    Thanks, Beth.


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