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Friday, May 29, 2009

Enriching your life - Part 4

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 46

Every well-nurtured plant or tree gives off the appearance of love, joy, peace and satisfaction. Look at the deep green sturdy leaves of young plants and you'll have that sense of well-being. Any plant that's under-nourished and has droopy leaves is a concern for the gardener.

When you allow love, joy and peace to enrich your mental awareness, satisfaction fills your inner being and your perspective on life changes as you see the beauty in everything and everyone. You are able to look pass the ugly and see the truth of everyone. The truth that we are all one, we all are made up of the same God substance and are of God and from God. You feel less irritated and respond differently to adverse conditions if they come your way.

In the process of your coming into more awareness of love, joy and peace, if you revert to old ways for a second, you're able to remind yourself who you are, change your mindset and act and respond from a place of love, joy and peace. As this becomes your conscious daily practice, it becomes your conscious and subconscious daily way of being.

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