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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Change to become

Getting my body back - Day 47

"We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Max De Pree

In order for any change to occur, you must first begin to change the way you are. But before you could change the way you are, you must first realize that there is a need to change. It all begins inside of you.

If you look at your life and see areas where you're not satisfied with and feel the need to change, it is the first step.

The next step is to analyze your mindset, your thinking pattern. As you look at the results you're having, shift your mind to thinking of the results you'd rather experience. Then you ask the question, "How can I think differently so I can achieve this new experience?"

This is where you may need to pull up on past experiences, knowledge or acquire new knowledge to create a new mindset and change the results you're having.

Now is the time for inspired action. Once you've figured out what your new thinking pattern should be, you solidify this new change by taking necessary inspired action; the inner feeling that you should complete a certain action to bring into manifestation your goal.

In order for me to achieve my ideal weight, I must first change the way I see myself. I look at my body from the angle of where I want to be, allowing my mind and subconscious to accept and embrace this desired result.

I then follow through with inspired physical action, as well as, being open to new information to get me to my goal.

Fuelling words: I must think differently and do that which is within my power to do to achieve what I desire to achieve.

Routine: Warm-ups, stretches, aerobics, toning and strength exercises, cool down.

Visualization - keeping focus on my goal; healthy, strong and my ideal body weight and shape.

Deep breathing - relaxes the muscles and sends oxygen to the muscles where exercising alone would not reach.

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