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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mental Exercises - Part 1

Getting my body back - Day 64

Physical exercise does well for the body but mental exercise does even better, not only for the body, but for all areas of your life.

You assess situations and people from your perspective on life and from the way you think. Mental exercise brings you to the point of being in control of what you allow to enter your mind, the way in which you receive this information and processing of these thoughts and images.

You may have never been taught in school to train your mind and perhaps you've never been taught by your parents to do the same, as well. Most people are consciously unaware of how whatever they're putting in their minds is affecting their entire life.

Not because other people are doing something mean that it is right, and furthermore, not because society's behaviour is what is termed 'normal' means that it is right for you and who you desire to be. For example, jogging may be perfectly okay with some folks as a form of exercise but it may be detrimental to your knees and therefore do more damage to you than helping you. It all comes down to what you desire to achieve in your life.

When your mind is not disciplined, the result ends in confusion. Your mind (thoughts in your mind) sends messages directly to your brain and then to your body. Where confusion exists a mixed message is sent and your life has no clear direction.

When your mind is clear on the direction you've defined in your thoughts everything else falls into place.

Fuelling words: I exercise my mind daily to achieve my goals.

As I go about my daily activities, I am consciously emphasizing each bending movement, tightening leg muscles as I go up each step and incorporate stretching in between my activities.

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