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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mind, Body, Soul - Part 3

Getting my body back - Day 55

Our mind, body and soul were designed to work together in unison with the Spirit.

The order

The Spirit communicates to the soul. The soul receives the Spirit's message and communicates it to the mind. The mind receives the message of the soul, which came from the Spirit, and communicates this message to the body. The body receives the message, which came from the Spirit, through the soul, then the mind and finally expresses and manifests the desire of the Spirit in the outer world.

All of this was intended to be a free flow, but there's a glitch in this cycle. See, the Spirit and soul remains in constant communion with each other. The mind sends its messages to the body and the body responds and sends its message in return. But somehow the connection between the soul and the mind was disrupted. How? By reprogramming by society, parents, friends, in most cases, unintentionally.

Babies have the innate ability to know when they are hungry. They begin bobbing their little heads attempting to suckle. They do not need to be told to crawl or walk. They know exactly when it is time. As a child grows, some, if not most, of these natural tendencies are suppressed due to societal conditioning. They are retrained to ignore and disregard their natural instincts.

In some cases, ridiculed by their peers, perhaps called nuts or weird if they speak of communicating with God or the Spirit or following their inner intuition. Soon enough, they no longer pay attention to the prompting of their inner soul and succumb to spiritual deafness, giving more attention to the outer world, their external senses and awareness. The voice on the outside grows louder than the voice within.

Think on these things and tomorrow we will continue from here.

Fuelling words: I listen closely to my soul as it inspires me as I move forward to achieve my ideal weight and it leads me on the path that is best for me.

Routine: Warm-ups, stretches, aerobics, toning and strength exercises, cool down.

Visualization - keeping focus on my goal; healthy, strong and my ideal body weight and shape.

Deep breathing - relaxes the muscles and sends oxygen to the muscles where exercising alone would not reach.

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