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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

See your body through Spirit eyes

Getting my body back - Day 77

When you see your body through the eyes of the Spirit, you begin to see and treat your body differently.

Your body should not take the attention away from who you truly are inside, but it should be seen as a visible means of expression of the Spirit and of your talents, abilities and inspiration. All thought and desires alone without your body remains in the invisible realm. But when the body is involved you enjoy the physical manifestation of those desires.

Therefore, see your body as being the expression of the Spirit and from which it draws its life and is the physical channel of the Spirit to express all of the abundance of life; love, joy, peace, health and wealth on all plains.

There should be a clear flow of the Spirits energy from the inside out. Any visible deficiencies is an indicator that there is a block in the flow of Spirit energy and therefore looking within to find that blockage is the starting pointing to clearing the Spirits access to physical expression.

Imagine yourself upstream where there is free flow of fresh abundant supply of water. Then you go lower down and instead of experiencing the same abundant flow, you see the water stagnant and sickly looking. Your first inclination is to find out what's causing this insufficient flow of water.

You travel upstream to the exact spot where the stream's blockage begins. You see some logs and debris and you begin to remove these blockages out of the way. With each log removed, the flow of water begins to fill the stream. When all of the logs and debris are taken away it gives way to a gushing down-stream flow of fresh abundant water vigorously pushing away anything that remains in its path.

When you survey the outward symptoms of your life and you've become aware that there's a blockage, not from without but from within, you begin to make the travel inwardly with the Spirit's guidance to start removing the logs and debris which have inhibited your experience of the abundance of life.

The Spirit is always willing to help and guide you in this process because the life of Spirit's abundance is awaiting complete physical expression in your manifested reality.

Fuelling words: I remove every external symptom by going upstream towards Spirit and with Spirit's help and guidance remove all blockages that I may experience fullness of life.

Garden workout - full body workout.


  1. Love your analogies, Alicia. Nice post. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. It truly shows us how to take a different perspective on life.


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