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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

Today we say goodbye to a great artist, Michael Jackson, who has touched our lives through his music.

In spite of his personal problems, Michael Jackson used his talents to the fullest capacity. We thank him and that God for allowing us to share in the enjoyment of his tremendous ability and style.

It is said that Michael was a soft-spoken quiet person off stage, but on stage he was totally immersed in his passion to entertain us in song and dance.

Michael expressed his true divinity through his music and his connection with Spirit was evident as he was totally engaged in his performances.

Michael showcased his gifts to the world and invited us to come along and join in his melody. Not only were we invited to come join him but he himself was the guiding light giving others the freedom to use their talents as well.

He has inspired many over the decades to launch out on the own paths and live their dream.

When Michael performed, he was totally free. His shy character was put on hold and his true nature unveiled itself in bold confidence.

When you've decided to be determined to live your inner gifting with Spirit, it is only natural that your true nature will show. It is your inner connection with Spirit and Spirit's avenue of expression in and through you.

However, this expression should not be limited to your gifts, but also in and through every area of your life. You entire life will experience complete freedom and joy living and walking with the Spirit.

Michael Jackson completed his journey, fulfilling his purpose in this time slot, in this era, 1958 to 2009. His legacy will continue to live on and inspire us as we reflect on his amazing contribution to the music industry and to our lives.

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