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Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting to your ideal goal with the Spirit

Getting my body back - Day 75

Father's week was great and now it's time to get back to manifesting my ideal weight.

With the nice weather here, I've found it boring doing my regular exercise routine. I began paying attention to what I was truly feeling inside and discussing with God how I felt. I know I desire to get to my ideal weight goal, but I felt that I needed to incorporate my exercises into my regular schedule; something that was naturally worked into my schedule and that I enjoyed doing.

After that inner connection, I went about my daily activities, one of which included working out in our huge garden. I tell you; the work that I do out in the garden doesn't feel like work but leans more on the fun side.

After my garden workout I felt aches in places and muscles I forgot I had. Even in my regular exercise routine, I don't think I've really worked out these muscles. Talk about a full body workout naturally and effortlessly. I say 'effortlessly' because as I said before, even though I was working, I was having fun, even with the aches. I'm seeing more results now than when I was only doing my workout routine.

Now, that works for me. Do you find yourself engaging in boring routines perhaps necessary to achieve your goals? There's never just one way to arriving at your desired results. If you allow yourself to be open to the Spirit you never know what inspired ideas you may be led into or think of. And as a matter of fact, the results of those ideas may be a short cut to achieving the same goal with more fun, less effort and less time.

The Omniscient Mind knows every path and every possible combination of ideas to get you to the results that you've been working on for many years now.

Stop and make connection to the inner Spirit, communicate your desired end results and look for and expect to receive the answer to the path you should take to getting to your ideal goal with the Spirit.

Fuelling words: I communicate consistently with the Spirit and discover new inspired ideas to the path I should take to achieve my desired results.

Garden exercise - full body workout.

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