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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thirst for Spirit

Getting my body back - Day 78

Water is essential for nourishing body cells and removing waste and therefore drinking an average of 8 glasses per day is necessary for optimum body function.

It is said that many times when we feel hungry even after we've already eaten, it is our body sending us a signal that it needs water. Instead of satisfying a hunger, our aim should be to satisfy our thirst. Our bodies are calling for that which is natural and necessary to its makeup.

Many times the response to this call is more food, juice, coffee or tea which aggravates the thirst factor and leaves one in a state of wanting more and more to satisfy this thirty.

The response is similar with our natural thirst for Spirit. We were created to live in oneness with the Spirit and life separated from the Spirit only leaves us with a void needing to be filled. Only one thing satisfies the deep inner thirst; daily constant reconnection with the Spirit.

However, the opposite is true for many. Instead of going within and drinking from the life energy that lies inward and flows from within, the tendency is to go outward attempting to fill up with things that only provides temporary gratification but does nothing to rejuvenate and satisfy the soul.

As one comes to the realization that our Source is not found in the created but the Creator, external things are put in the rightful place; to be used for our outward expressions but not for our inward satisfactions.

Our joy comes from within and nothing outwardly acquired could ever satisfy or replace that joy, neither was it meant to. Outward things, house, car, jewellry, clothing etc. are all for our outward expression of our internal manifestation of our already satisfied life. It is not the attaining of these things to be satisfied but the expression of an already satisfied life, using these outward tools to physically manifest the inner self.

Fuelling words: I go deep within and connect to the Spirit and satisfy my thirst for original Spirit connection.

Gardening - full body workout

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