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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 2

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 62

As we pulled the weeds out of our flower garden, it was easy to remove the grass that had grown in between the flower plants. However, grass was not the only weed that was growing; we also had rosebush and rosehip, as well. We liked them both because the roses are beautiful when they bloom and we could make jam with the rosehip. We had to make a decision as to what and how much we were going to keep.

We planted four o'clocks and poppy and wanted to give them a chance to bloom but not be overrun by the other flowers. We found a solution; cut back some of the rosehip, as well as, the rosebush - we had more growing on the other side of the garden.

What about your life, then? How do you identify those weeds that are overtaking your life? There are things, events or persons that you know you definitely need to weed out of your life. These are the no brainers, like the grass. But what about those that are not in themselves bad and do serve a good purpose? Then, the decision to weed takes more of an evaluation process.

How is this adding value to my life? Is this the right time for this event? Is it occupying the time that I need to focus on my true desire? Could I cut back on some of this activity so I could give more time to this other activity or spend less time with these friends so I develop more time with new friends?

As you evaluate and begin to weed your life's garden, these are the questions you need to consider. If not, like our flower garden, you will find your life overrun with perhaps good events and friends. And unless you do some cutting back, trimming away or defining how much time and space they occupy in your life you will not be able to fully enjoy or fulfill some of the dreams you desire to manifest.

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