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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mental Exercises - Part 3

Getting my body back - Day 66

Become laser focus on your desired results.

Once you've become clear and formed a mental image of your desired outcome, remain focused on this image. Think about your desired outcome constantly, regularly, with focused intent with the purpose of seeing it formed into reality. Set aside some time to rehearse these images in your mind.

Allow the feelings of having your desire materialized emerge inside of you as you live your fulfilled desire in your imagination knowing that it will soon manifest itself. See yourself enjoying your desired results.

Surround yourself with external images of your desire. Some people have used dream boards to help them remain focused. If you desire to have something bad enough you'll have no problem keeping it in your thoughts. Choose what works for you.

Talk with your friends and family about your goal. Now, keep this in mind, if they're not supportive in your achievement of your goal, then, it is pointless engaging in conversation about this. You should have positive feedback and encouragement from others, not negative feedback and discouragement.

I've worked on realizing some of my goals privately, in my own mind with the Creator and creative power and only until I reached my goal I decided to share. If you feel that you need the help to keep you on track and focused, then, by all means, share with someone you trust and that would support your decisions.

Know too, that if your desire is for a trusted friend, you can attract such person into your life. Other than that, work quietly, focusing on the final outcome.

Fuelling words: I am laser focus on achieving my ideal weight goal.

As I go about my daily activities, I am consciously emphasizing each bending movement, tightening leg muscles as I go up each step and incorporate stretching in between my activities.

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