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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trust in the growth process

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 54

It's amazing and exciting to see the seedlings as they penetrate their way up through the soil in the garden; watermelons, squash, cucumbers, peas, beans and other vegetables. Our family has enjoyed preparing the garden and now we're just excited to see things really happening.

Before we could transplant the seedlings that were growing indoors out into the garden, we had to take them through the hardening process so they could adapt to the new temperate change. Because they were grown indoors, they were not used to the extreme weather conditions outside. Manual hardening is essential in order to avoid the shock of the changed and fluctuating outdoor temperatures.

It's amazing how nature provides its own hardening process for the outdoor seedlings. A little at a time, they crack the surface of the soil while harnessing the warmth of the sun still partially shaded by patches of soil. Gradually, they gain strength each day until they finally break free right through the soil, totally exposed to and absorbing the sun's rays. It's truly an awesome process. And even though the seedlings have to push their way through to the surface, the process is so natural and effortless.

Whatever may seem as a struggle for you at this time, consider these seedlings, relax and trust the process. You become stronger, a little at a time, as you persevere. You press forward , a little at a time, until you break free. The seedling never struggles but naturally and effortlessly yields to the process as it emerges gracefully.

See the beauty of the process as you go through whatever adverse condition you're facing. Instead of seeing your struggle from inside your storm, come from without as an observer like we are, observing the seedlings emerge, and know that the breaking through process is necessary for your growth and stability.

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