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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be flexible

Getting my body back - Day 76

Sometimes I find myself getting into such a rigid schedule; things have to be done at this time, this way and for so long. Rigid schedules could suck the life out of enjoyment at times, leading to stress when you don't keep to the schedule.

Where schedules are important, it is also equally important to relax and be flexible because it may be the time when you are being sent an awe-inspiring idea. When you are so hung up on keeping to schedule, you may be setting yourself up to missing the most inspiring moment of your life.

God does not always work on our timetables and schedules. However, the timing of the Spirit is always perfect and right on time.

If we allow ourselves to be flexible in our daily activities, we find ourselves relaxed and in tuned as everything that we are so concerned about falls into place. God is quite aware of the responsibilities we have, and God also knows how to fulfill every obligation that we must fulfill. As a matter of fact, some of the things that we put as priority sometimes are not as important as the amount of emphasis we place on them.

When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and stressed, you have detached yourself from Spirit and for that moment have become independent. But once you turn and look within and relax your grip on the outcome of your day, you are giving the Spirit the opportunity to work on your behalf and you are giving yourself the opportunity to be released from stress and frustration.

Let go, let God and walk with the Spirit to meet all your obligations.

Fuelling words: I let go and let God work out the finer details of how to reach my ideal weight.

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