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Friday, June 12, 2009

Praise - Part 5: Praise Your Community and World

Getting my body back - Day 74

When you appreciate and praise the community you live in, you open yourself to see the beauty that's hidden within it. There's ugly in many cities. So much that it's become a part of the daily news, whether on print, television or the internet.

The more you look at the ugly the more your eyes see ugly. What you focus on expands like yeast in dough. With the added ingredient of our focus, you begin to see more and more of unpleasant events.

However, if you seek to find the good within the community, good will surface and more will emerge as you give your attention to it.

Again, due to the information brought to us by the media, more ugliness is uncovered to the point it seems as if misfortune is more glorified than good events. When you become inundated with the daily negativity, feelings of fear and despair are heightened causing a tailspin of emotions within our globe. These negative feelings are recycled over and over again forming more negative events in our reality.

Let's make a conscious decision to look for the good, praise the good and create feelings of appreciation and gratitude recycling those feelings to change our communities and our world.

Fuelling words: I look for and praise the good in myself, my family, my community and the world.

Warm-ups, stretching, weight training and cool down.

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