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Monday, June 8, 2009

Praise - Part 1

Getting my body back - Day 70

Much can be said about praise and not enough is expressed in our society. Many are quick to criticize instead of looking for the good and praising that which is good. It's become such a habit to criticize that our society thrives on it; from the government to the media to the work place through the school system and into the homes.

Everyone has a complaint and is dissatisfied about something or someone. I agree that there's a place for constructive criticism but where is the line drawn?

If criticism is there to tear down and not build up, how then is it beneficial? You know when your criticism is proving beneficial when it is expressed in a manner to create change, enhance a person, a system or a community.

When the motive behind the criticism is embedded in the soil of love, then the fruit of it will produce positive results and change. If the motive behind the criticism is to tear down, set yourself up at being better than another or just plain gossip, then you are poisoning your own soul. You are not healing another.

Words used in honour of another will go much further than words used to dishonour. Dishonouring words weaken your power, darkens your soul and separates even closest of friends.

Let words of praise spring from your soul to heal yourself, your family, your community and the world. Find the good in others and praise them for it. If there is an issue, something's not working right, speak your words out of a heart of love and praise the outcome of those words. Always look to communicate praise and good first, then address the issue.

Fuelling words: I praise the process of achieving my goal that I may be opened to receive new inspiration and direction.

Deep breathing, stretching, walking and integrating interval exercises during the day.

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