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Friday, June 19, 2009

See others as you see yourself

The familiar proverb says, "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."

When you're living by the Spirit, you naturally desire to help others because you now see them as you see yourself. Whatever you do to others, you're doing to yourself. We are all one, coming from the same Source. And because we are coming from the same Source, whatever we do not only affects us but affects the whole. You cannot injure one and not injure all.

In the same way, you cannot do 'good' to one and not do 'good' to all, whether or not others are consciously aware that they are affected by your actions. As a ripple affects the movement of water in a pond, so does every action we do, whether good or bad.

As you begin to see others as you see yourself, you become more conscious of your thoughts, words and actions. You begin, as it were, to put yourself in the other person's shoes. You feel their feelings and share in their pain.

Take a look at your body, if the foot is injured does not other body parts run to its aid? You focus all of your attention to the foot and do all you can do to help it. You never see any part of your body as separate from you. Every part, distinguished they may be from the other, has a significant role in making up all of your body.

No part is better than the other, or more special than the other. You don't say to your left hand, "I love you more than my right." Or would you say to your mouth, "I love you more than my ears."

As we are all part of God, no one is more special than the other. We are all God's expression of himself, though distinguished we each may be. You may be the 'feet', instrumental in making the way for others to follow to the path of awareness of who they are. Or you may be the 'eyes' to see the truth and reveal it. Or you may be the 'mouth' to speak up and reveal that which is good.

Whatever part you may be, see others as you see yourself. We are one with one purpose, expressing the uniqueness of God's divinity.

Dadspiration: I see others as I see myself, therefore, I do to others and for others that which I would have them do to and for me.

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