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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living life on purpose

Living your life on purpose comes from a different perspective as you walk with the Spirit. You live from within outward as opposed to outward in. Instead of reacting to outward circumstances and see them as a basis for your response, you come from within and respond in accordance to the Spirit within.

Living this way may seem contrary to societal behaviours of reacting to adverse situations in a negative manner. As we take on the personality of the Spirit, which is our true nature, our responses become expressions from the heart of love.

Your perspective on situations and people changes and so does your tolerance of others. You see others are you see yourself. You feel for others as for yourself. Therefore, as you use your gifts and talents, you use them not only for yourself but for the benefit of others.

Ordinary gifts and talents when immersed in the soil of the Spirit and given away to others, with the intention of enhancing their lives, will be endued with the multiplication miracle working energy to perform extra ordinary acts of kindness. In return, your life becomes enriched with inner peace and contentment in abounding measures.

Your immeasurable value to others as a light source empowers them to living life on purpose and allowing their light to shine brightly.

Dadspiration: I live life on purpose that the expression of the Spirit is lived in and through me touching the lives of many as I come in contact with them.

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