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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Praise - Part 2

Getting my body back -Day 71

The Habit of Praise

With the same measure in which we have made criticizing a habit, we equally and with an even greater measure, need to make praise a habit and a lifestyle. As we honour those around us, not just our families but those within our communities and even the stranger, we are honouring ourselves. For whatever we put out will come back to us in the same measure.

How to make change a habit

1) As with all things, you need to make a conscious decision to let praise be a dominant part of your thoughts, words and action, and therefore, become a part of your lifestyle. "I make a conscious decision to praise."

2) Shift your mental thinking of the way you see others, change your perspective. Purposely look for the good and praise it.

3) Look for the good in every situation no matter how bad things may seem. Praise the good.

4) Repetition and practice. Retrain your subconscious mind to be in total agreement with your conscious decision and yield its power to aid you when you consciously praise.

When you make that decision to praise instead of criticize and you're in a situation in which you would normal go toward the negative, you'll remind yourself to find and praise the good.

Fuelling words: I find and praise the good each day as I get closer to achieving my ideal weight.

Deep breathing, stretching, walking and integrating interval exercises during the day.

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