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Monday, June 15, 2009

Return to Source

All comes from and flows out of God and goes back to God.

You are God's idea of himself expressed. Once you've come to know and understand this you begin to live your life differently. Therefore, as a living expression of God, you must live life to the fullest expression of who you are that all may see who God is and see the true light within themselves and express the grandest idea of who God is in who they are, expressed.

As a co-creator with God, you've come to earth with an inner mandate written within your inner knowing. The things that intrigue you and those that you gravitate to are indications of your mission and purpose on earth. You didn't come to planet earth to walk around aimlessly trying to figure out the meaning of life and the purpose of your being here.

It's all in the divine plan that you are here at this hour, on this planet, in this era, in the place where you currently live with your specific and unique combination of talents, abilities and personality to fulfill your purpose.

When you live separate from your Source, you short circuit your power and eternal effectiveness in the scope of the complete divine plan. Living apart from your Source is denial of your oneness with God and denial of who you are.

When true essence of life is denied, fulfillment and inner peace is sought after from created sources, outward material and experiences, to fill the place of belonging and true heritage.

Many are dissatisfied with life, whether poor or rich, when all of life is focused on attaining external gains to satisfy that which only Spirit can. When one comes to the realization that something is missing the journey to fill the void may begin by searching for all the externals to satisfy the inner core.

As you return to Source and live life connected to the Source, your light shines brightly and the effectiveness and use of your gifts become empowered with true life specific directed purpose.

A sense of fulfillment may come from life accomplishments, which is okay and has its place, but in the face of inner peace returning to Source is the only place true peace, love, joy and contentment can be found.

Dadspiration: I return to Source to experience true living and fulfill my highest purpose.

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