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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living life connected to Source

Once you've come to the realization that your life is in God and God in you and you are one with God, then, how does one live connected to the Source?

You become and remain connected to Source by making the decision to connect to God as a way of life. Not only connecting as a one-time event or on an occasional basis but regular constant walking in and with the Spirit, where friendship and relationship is developed as you become acquainted with and accustomed to the inner voice and signals. There you find wisdom for every situation.

Does living life connected to Source mean that you succumb to boredom and give up all that is exciting?

To the contrary, when you live life connected to Source you turn inwardly to experience the contentment you desire and in turning inwardly to truth you find your true self and true meaning to life.

When you listen to and are guided by Spirit, you are directed to different avenues that lead to deep inner fulfillment. You find those channels along the lines of your personality and all events of your life that does not outwardly manifest who you are and who you are becoming begins to naturally fall away and become distasteful. Those activities may be alright for others, but you are transforming and therefore certain activities may no longer be a part of the weave in your tapestry.

In this process of transformation, new friendships may be formed as old ones fall away or evolve to a new level. Don't expect to be and feel the same once you've embarked on this journey.

Before a butterfly comes into its full beauty it goes through several stages of complete change and so will you, which is a natural process. Move with the flow and don't give in to the resistance. Know that all roads lead to your good and Divine Wisdom and Omniscience knows the way to the fullness of Divine Magnificence in and through you.

Dadspiration: I live with and walk in Spirit fulfilling my purpose and living to the fullest in every area of my life.

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