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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Set aside prejudices

Prejudice comes in different forms, whether racial, political, religious, against people with accents, or people with disabilities. Whatever case it may be, in order to walk in oneness with our Source, these prejudices need to be laid aside and see others through the eyes of the Spirit.

One may be racially prejudiced against another but what's the difference between one skin colour and external appearances? We all share the same emotions at one time or another. We all share the same ambitions; to love, be loved, care for our loved ones, enjoy life to the fullest. We all bleed the same, have babies the same, suffer at different times with the same or similar illnesses; there is no difference.

A rose is still a beautiful rose whether it's pink, yellow, white or red. You may have preferences for a special occasion but does that mean that the other colour is any less than your preference? You wouldn't destroy the others just because of your preference would you? Thank God for differences in races for we all came from the Creator; our Creator's masterpiece.

Others may be prejudiced against those of different accents, but those languages also came from our Creator showcasing divinity in creative variation of verbal expression. No language is better than the other even though one may be more widespread than another.

People with disabilities have been the subject of ridicule by children, as well as, adults who should know better. Not because divinity is expressed in a way that is against what we call the 'norm' means that it is any less special than us. As a matter of fact, it takes great strength to live without full capabilities than with them. People who live with disabilities have learned to develop great inner strength to deal with, not only their disabilities but the victimization that they endure.

Harbouring prejudices keeps one bound internally and is therefore denied inner freedom. Search your heart and mind for hidden prejudices and determine to set them aside by changing your perspective on individuals that are different. Decide and determine to see others through the eyes of the Spirit and through the eyes of oneness.

Then and only then will one soar to great spiritual heights and depths and experience Oneness with God.

Dadspiration: I lay aside any and all prejudices that I may soar in oneness with the Spirit of God.

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