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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mental Exercises - Part 4

Getting my body back - Day 67

Because thought is the life blood of the creative process, it is essential to be alert and be consciously aware of what thoughts are entering your mind.

Your thoughts should line up in accordance with what you wish to accomplish in your life or put another way, your thoughts should line up with what you wish to manifest in your outer world. Whatever thought comes to your mind, if you accept it, is saying to the universe, "I approve and this is what I want evidenced in my outer life."

When you come to the realization that there's a direct link between what your thought energy produces and your outward experiences, you'll develop a keen sensitivity to your thought patterns. You'd do well to consciously monitor these thoughts and address those thoughts that do not fall in line with what you desire to experience.

Observing your own thought patterns and behaviours brings you to a place of knowing certain thought triggers. For example, when I become overwhelmed, if I don't check myself, I find that feelings of depression step in bringing along with it negative thoughts. I've learned to immediately check myself and focus my thoughts on the things that I desire to be evidenced in my outer world.

Mastering mental discipline changes your perspective on life and as a result brings you to a place where you reap the benefits of those life-producing thoughts. Decide and determine today to be a master of your thoughts and change your world inside out.

Fuelling words: I am the master and gate keeper of my thoughts.

Walking is a great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air while getting my body into ship shape.

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