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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tending the Garden of the Spirit - Part 1

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 58

When you've embarked on the journey to tending the garden of the heart, you'll find that your heart becomes more sensitive to the inner voice of the Spirit's guidance. Not only do you see yourself differently, but you begin to see others differently, as well. You come from the heart of passion towards others; expressing love in the spirit of compassion.

Because we are one, each a part of the whole, whatever you do for one, you do for another and also for yourself. Whatever benefits another, also benefits you.

It was first our thought as well as our desire to begin a garden so we could grow the fruits and vegetables we love to feed our family. In return for this desired results, we go through the process of planning and preparing the soil, purchasing the seeds, sowing the seeds and the whole nine yards of nurturing the garden.

We are giving our attention to these plants, working diligently to ensure they produce a good harvest. The plants get what they need and we, in turn, also get what we desire.

In order for the cycle to be complete and to activate the law of giving and receiving, we must extend outside of ourselves to care for others in the garden of the Spirit. For in the Spirit we are one; coming from Spirit and returning to Spirit.

As you give of yourself to others, be diligent in giving your fullest that others may fully benefit and grow to their fullest potential.

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