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Sunday, June 21, 2009

In honour of Dad

As we focus on Dads today, we call to mind that which is good and worthy of honour in our Dads. The more we focus on the good that our Dads bring to us, the more good multiplies, not only in our lives, but in the lives of our Dads.

My Dad recently turned 78 and has been a strong active contributor to his family. North American society places so much emphasis on the woman being the primary caregiver of the children and the media displays men as being so feeble when it comes to caring for newborns, feedings, diaper changes and nurturing for children on a whole.

My Dad cared for all of his 6 children; from bath time, to feeding, to diaper changes, washing and cooking. Not only did my Dad care for his children but he also worked a full-time job as a teacher and had a part-time business as a woodworker. Yes, my mother did work full-time, as well, and did her part, but my emphasis is on my Dad because he was confident enough to share in the responsibilities of his household by choice and not by gender preference.

I honour the love of my life, partner and Dad of our children and just like my Dad, has taken on this similar role of fatherhood - actively participating in all aspects of nurturing 7 our children.

I believe men, just like women, have the inner capabilities of raising their children and being great role models to them. It's a matter of choice and decision.

You have the ability and all that you need inside of you to be an effective contributor in the lives of your children, to be totally involved without reservation. You have much to offer; your unique talents, your different viewpoint and ideas of fun. You have what it takes to be a great Dad.

Choose to be. Listen to your inner intuition and be the Dad that you were designed to be. Allow your children to learn from you, learn from your gifts and build a close and priceless relationship with you.

I honour you Dad. Happy Father's Day.

Dadspiration: I have much to contribute to my children. My God-given talents and abilities are designed to use to inspire and guide my children to the path they should take.


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