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Friday, June 12, 2009

Forming a friendship wheel

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 57

For a garden to be successful and produce a bumper crop, specific placement of certain types of vegetables is essential. A gardener that takes the time to acquire this knowledge and plans the garden cuts down on bugs and pests, thereby giving plants the fighting change they need to bear fruit to their full potential.

Because the type of people you associate with are so important for your progress, as well as theirs, consciously knowing and understanding the type of friends you should associate with will produce the best relationship possible for you and your friends.

Decide on what type of friends you feel you'd like to associate with and the type of relationship you'd like to establish with these friends.

Once you've made that decision, decide to be the type of friend you'd like your friends to be. Act in the way you'd like your friends to act. In doing this, you'd be setting in motion the type of relationships you'd like to have and draw these people into your circle of friendship.

As your friendship wheel continues to roll, you'd begin to see the friends that are not adding value to you begin to fall away.

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