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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tending the Garden of the Spirit - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 60

When you use your talents and abilities to full capacity with Spirit guidance, your boarders begin to expand beyond the current place of inspiration. Others are attracted and drawn in to your circle by the Spirit. It only takes one person to be impacted by your talents and abilities to start the ball rolling. As you remain consistent and persistent in your activities of imparting to others, you create a ripple effect.

Every ripple in the pond creates another ripple and it keeps extending outward of the original ripple. It is much the same way as your talents and abilities. Begin the ripple effect where you are and let it extend to others through the pond of life. Repeatedly throwing the pebbles of your talents and abilities into life's pond makes a constant ripple and impacts the lives of others near and far.

It is your responsibility to drop the pebble. The results of that ripple happen naturally. You never create the other ripples, only the initial step. Other opportunities will present themselves to throw other pebbles in other parts of the pond of life, creating another ripple effect and an intertwining of all the ripple effects in the pond.

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