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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Praise - Part 3: Praise Yourself

Getting my body back - Day 72

Everyone appreciates being praised by another and it is right to recognize other people's talents and successes. But many find it difficult to praise themselves; to find and recognize the goodness in their own talents, progresses and successes.

Genuine love for yourself begins by praising you. When you've become comfortable with praising yourself, appreciating you despite your imperfections, can you truly see the beauty in others and praise them too.

How do you begin to praise yourself?

Praise your mind for its creativity. "I appreciate the beauty of my creative ideas."

Praise your body for its beauty. "I love my body and appreciate my body for allowing me to express my creativity and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding me."

Praise your soul for its divinity. "I appreciate my soul that keeps me connected to the Source of life and teach me how to live, love and be loved."

Find the good things in yourself and praise them; your beautiful eyes, your hair, your kindness, your inner strength, the way you articulate words, your organizational skills; appreciate you. And in so doing, it will be difficult for you to speak damaging words of yourself and insulting the Creator which created you. You'll feel good about who you are in your uniqueness.

Fuelling words: Body, you are so beautiful. You are wonderfully made. You are a fruitful vine. I thank you. I appreciate you.

Deep breathing, stretching, walking and integrating interval exercises during the day.

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