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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To eat meat or not

Getting my body back - Day 80

For the last few months I've been thinking about the foods we consume and how we could improve our nutrition intake.

We've recently been making more changes to our diet, especially in the consumption of meat. I have to admit; I love and enjoy eating meat. I was brought up on eating meat and love the variety of meat dishes my husband cooks. We've already cut back on our bread consumption and replaced it with more fruits and vegetables. We've began lessening the amount of meat we have on a daily basis and taking it a bit slowly, using other foods as substitutes for meat.

I've also considered some scriptures which prompted me to question whether or not we were even designed to eat meat. In the book of Genesis 1, it refers to God creating herbs, fruit and vegetation for food.

Daniel 1:12 speaks about Daniel refusing to eat the king's meat for 10 days and opted for a vegetable diet which made him and his friends healthier looking than the other men.

Consider also fruits and vegetables, these are live foods. Fruits come right off the trees, and vegetables come right out of the ground which is best when you can grow your own minus the pesticides.

Meat on the other hand, the only way to get it is to kill the animal. Fruits and vegetables - live foods, meat - dead animal, dead food? This is just my personal observations.

It is said that you should not leave meat out because it begins to decay if not refrigerated. Refrigeration slows down the decaying process but it does not prevent the inevitable. What exactly goes on in our stomachs from constantly eating meat over a long period of time?

I've found an interesting article that goes into deeper details about meat, click on the link below.

Consider your own diet and health factors and make the necessary adjustments to improve your health.

Fuelling words: I consider my diet and ensure that what I consume is working with my body to produce energy and optimum body function.


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