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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irrigating the garden of your heart

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 72

To keep the soil moist on hot dry days, a furrow irrigation system was dug in the garden to provide adequate water for the plants, especially for watering off-days. We also use a sprinkler irrigation system for on-days watering.

How do you irrigate the soil of your heart, keeping it moist, so that it is not parched by the harshness and negativity of society?

Like the soil, the inside working of your heart is the central area where all of 'moisture retention' occurs. Keeping it well watered with the warmth of the love of the Spirit will keep the coldness of others from penetrating your heart's soil, freezing your roots and stunting your growth.

Covering your heart with 'mulch' which are your words of life and love will maintain the level of warmth within you and keep down the weeds of negativity from entering and taking root.

Sing songs and read material that will keep you focused on your life goals and connection with Spirit. Be diligent in what you allow to enter your life and examine each entrance with care.

Guard your emotions for it is the doorway which negativity can arise from within your inner sanctuary. Because of this, you also need to watch your perceptions of other people's behaviours toward you. For if you absorb a negative reaction into your heart it can affect your emotions, which in turn, if left alone, will take root and remove you from a place of peace and love.

Above all, let love be your guide. Treat others with respect and love them as you love yourself. For in loving others, you are loving yourself.

Stay close to the Source of the Water of Life and you will never be thirsty and therefore parched. But you will always be refreshed and ready to deal with everything that comes your way. Even if you fall off track, staying close to the Spirit will enable you whenever you need help to walk in the path of love.

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