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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going natural

Getting my body back - Day 81

As a way to make my hair more manageable it was permed around the age of 11. I've kept this perm up until the age of 30 when I made the decision to go natural.

We put many different chemicals in our hair to improve the look; whether to fix too frizzy, too curly, or too stringy, there's a product on the market which for the most part contains chemicals in it. These products were manufactured to assist us but many of them end up damaging our hair in the long run.

The best way is not always the easiest or most popular, but the benefits are most rewarding. I've been tempted many times at the outset of this decision to give up the task, which for my hair type, could involve many hours.

The benefits? My hair is healthier than it's ever been, longer than it ever was. And it's given me the opportunity to pull up on inner creativity producing new hairstyles. I recall asking the Spirit of God to show me a way to effectively manage my hair and find hairstyles that were appealing to me especially when I had to attend a special event. I found that I got complements from other people where ever I go; they're fascinated by my hair - if they only knew, huh?

Changing what you do with your hair may not be an adventure you're ready to embark on but there may be other areas that you may need to consider going natural; for example, eating more natural chemical-free foods, natural skin creams or oils or natural home remedies for common ailments.

I was recently listening to a Youtube recording from Dr. Mercola and his statement was that if you cannot eat your skin cream then it should not be put on your skin because whatever you put on your skin enters into your blood stream. I would say that includes whatever chemicals you put in your hair, as well.

The benefits of going natural? A healthier you!

Fuelling words: I consider the things I put in and on me to ensure I encourage a healthier me.


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