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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let go, let God - Part 4

Getting my body back - Day 90

It's amazing how inspiration can come to you in unlikely places and events. If you are working on a project and are tired of its monotony, it's time to reach inward for divine ideas to move you out of the rut.

Sometimes when I'm stuck on an article, instead of trying to force something to come, I may feel inspired to go out into the garden and just take a walk. At times it is almost instant or as I'm walking and observing the garden at every stage of new growth, I get an inspiration. We may be in a family discussion and teaching something to the children, and yes, for sure, here comes an inspiration.

As you let go and let God, inspired ideas come to help you with whatever it is you need help with at that moment. You may need to put down what you're working on and do something else in order to get the information you need to complete the initial task you were engaged in. Be open to receive it as it comes because it may not be wrapped in the package you expected it to come in the first place.

When you let go and let God in every situation of your life, you learn to become one with everything, even nature. The birds, bees, flowers, trees and even the wind all have a message for you at the time you need it, if you're paying attention and listening, and if you let go and let God use whatever method he chooses to.

Your inspiration may come on a simple message on a billboard or the rainbow in the sky. The message will be unique to you, for you and to your understanding. Just note that God does not always work the same way twice. If a bee is used to buzz by you at a time for you to listen up and pay attention, does not mean that every bee that goes by is the messenger for the hour. There's an inner knowing that you will be drawn in to the message of the moment, enhanced in your awareness and then as subtly as it comes, it goes until the next time.

Always be alert and the more you go with the flow and let go and let God, the more you will tap into inspiration in unlikely places and events.

Fuelling words: I let go and let God inspire me when my exercise routine becomes monotonous that I keep the freshness of new ideas every day.

Workout: gardening

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