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Friday, July 10, 2009

Heal the world with love

Getting my body back - Day 86

Now that you've basked in and soaked up the sun's rays, you feel energized and certainly happier than before. You get an extra 'pep' in your step. You're more pleasant when greeting others and your face beams.

When you've basked in the presence of inner unconditional love, other people around you can sense a beautiful spirit. They know that there's something different about you. Love heals and when others come in the presence of love they can feel it. Love cannot be contained and therefore needs to be shared.

As you give out, you make room to receive more and more abundantly. Your love shown to others heals them and brings them to a place where they too can receive love from the Source of love and be filled and in turn fill others with their love; love on a deeper level, unconditional love, in spite of love and not because of. You love others out of the abundance of unconditional love and not because of something they've done.

When you love unconditionally, you see beyond a person's faults and choose to love. Someone may say, "How could you love someone that's betrayed you, someone that has deeply hurt you? And I say to you what someone said to me years ago when I was going through a tough time, "Walk in the Spirit, walk in love."

Love will get you through anything. Think, speak and act out of love. Get your mind back onto Love and allow the healing rays to flow in your heart like a balm. It may be that if your betrayer continues in their path that you have to let them continue on, but let it be that your heart stays in love and wish them no ill, but only love. Bless them in your heart and release them in love.

Make a decision that no matter what, you will walk in the Spirit of Love and heal the world with your love.

Fuelling words: I live my life in Love that I may experience true life and share that life with others.

Workout - gardening

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