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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 areas to enhance personal growth

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 71

We had noticed that a few of our seedlings, like some of the green peppers and watermelons, have stopped growing. Because these were not doing very well, we started another set of green peppers and watermelons in another area outside of the main garden. They have since germinated and are growing really well. We figured that perhaps the first set were not getting enough sunlight where they were set or maybe too much water that kept them from growing.

Some positions in the garden are better suited for certain plants, like our broccolis, which get sunlight but also have quite a bit of shade during the day from the maple tree. They are thriving really well.

If you have come to a position in your life that you find that you are not experiencing growing, it is time to consider your options to create change and promote growth.

Four areas to consider for your personal growth

1) Spiritual growth - checking the soil of your heart is the first place to start. Check your spiritual connection. Spending time in silent meditation connecting with your spiritual Source, reading the Bible, listening to spiritual audios, reading other spiritual books for deeper insights and inspiration and prayer are all areas where you can fill your time to encourage and enhance your spiritual growth.

2) Mental growth - learning something new in a new field of interest. Learning to do something new will stir up your mental faculties and keep you sharp and alert. Read material that are thought provoking which causes you to think and ask questions keeps your thinking cap in proper working condition.

3) Physical growth - although, like me, after you have reached a certain age, have stopped growing in height, your physical growth is not just limited to adding inches or centimetres to your height, it also includes eating healthy and remaining active. Engaging in physical activity, even if it is in 10 minute spurts throughout the day helps keep your body in active gear.

4) Relationship growth - as you develop and grow in our spiritual, mental and physical growth, your relationship with others begin to improve. Your perspective of others begins to change. You begin to attract relationships that will enhance your own personal growth as you enhance theirs, as well. You become more loving and tolerant of others.

Check these 4 main areas to see where you could make the adjustments to encourage your personal growth that you may reach the fullness of maturity to begin to bear fruit and live your life on purpose.

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